Al Moajil Hospitality

Al Moajil Hospitality, a leading restaurant group, passionately pioneers innovative, experiential culinary concepts. Our mission is to craft inviting spaces where individuals gather to share extraordinary meals and experiences. Each visit to our restaurants becomes a distinctive culinary odyssey, etching a lasting memory of unique flavors and culinary revelations.

Our chefs, true artisans, carry profound expertise in the art, history, and influential power of food. With an operational team boasting over 200 successful openings across 11 countries, we curate a multisensory world of flavor and discovery. Join us in this culinary expedition to savor the artistry of taste and experience. Indulge in Al Moajil Hospitality, where each meal is an adventure waiting to be explored


At Al moajil Hospitality, we're on a mission to elevate the dining scene in Saudi Arabia. We believe that every meal is a tale waiting to be told—a fusion of flavors and memories. Our goal is to revolutionize the culinary landscape by introducing fresh, innovative concepts and tantalizing tastes that redefine the art of dining. Join us as we craft unforgettable dining experiences, one delicious dish at a time. Come, savor the journey with us

Diverging from the conventional, Al moajil Hospitality boasts a distinctive approach to investments. We prioritize building robust, trust-driven relationships with partners, staff, and customers, recognizing the pivotal role each team member plays. By actively engaging with every facet of our operations, we infuse agility and innovation, guaranteeing a nimble response to dynamic market changes. Experience a unique investment perspective at Al moajil Hospitality, where our emphasis on connections propels us ahead in the ever-evolving landscape


As industry experts, we grasp the importance of being environmentally responsible. It's not an extra effort for us; it's at the core of our business strategy. Through partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers and adopting sustainable practices, we're prioritize to raising the bar for environmental awareness in the food and beverage sector. Join us as we work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future!


Message from the CEO

My father Mohammed Saad Al Moajil was a busy man, leading some of the most important projects in the Kingdom.
However, when it came to food, there was always time to gather at the dinner table. No matter how busy life was, sharing a meal was a sacred tradition that reminded us all of what mattered, family, heritage, and sharing these precious moments together.

For the past number of years, I’ve continued in my father’s footsteps by creating my own path in entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation. It brings me great joy to continue this legacy by transforming our family’s passion for food into an exciting new venture.
Our decades of experience across multiple industries give us deep insight into the multidisciplinary nature of running a successful restaurant. We believe our approach will change the way people think of restaurants, and the Saudi hospitality industry as a whole. We look forward to surprising you.

Abdulaziz Al Moajil
CEO, Al Moajil Hospitality


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