Al Moajil Group was established in 1928 as a collective partnership between the two brothers Abdulaziz and Saad Al Moajil, with a focus on foodstuff imports before expanding into a diverse array of industries over the span of the past century. During that time, Sheikh Saad Mohammed Al-Moajil spent 35 years contributing to the growth of the Kingdom’s economy and industry, including building the Chamber of Commerce in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, serving 22 years as a Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, and the Vice President of the Federation of GCC Chambers of Commerce.

In the early 1970s, Mohammed Saad Al-Moajil began working with his father in running the family business, bringing with him a powerful background in business formation, operations, finance, and management. Soon after, Mohammed emerged as the visionary Managing Director of the company and began to diversify the business into various industries including Real Estate, Manufacturing, International Manufacturers’ Representation, Trading, Furniture, Foreign & Domestic Investments, to name a few. Additionally, the company became a shareholder of many reputed Saudi Joint stock companies in different fields such as Agriculture, Banking & Finance, Trade & Commerce, and more.

In addition to the industrial sector, the Al Moajil Group was a co-founder of numerous prestigious institutions in the Kingdom, including the Saudi British Bank (SABB), Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Gulf Union Cooperative Insurance Co. Mohammed Al-Moajil is also a prominent investor in the Saudi Stock Market and real estate.

Today, the legacy of the Al-Moajil family continues, as Mohammed Al-Moajil’s son, Abdulaziz Al-Moajil, has joined as CEO of the recently formed Al Moajil Hospitality. By bringing iconic international restaurants Hellenika, Belgravian, and Nozomi to the Kingdom, Al-Moajil Hospitality looks forward to starting a new chapter of innovation in hospitality industry of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.


My father Mohammed Saad Al Moajil was a busy man leading some of the most important projects in the Kingdom.

However, when it came to food, there was always time to gather at the dinner table. No matter how busy life was, sharing a meal was a sacred tradition that reminded us all of what mattered: family, heritage, and sharing these precious moments together.

For the past number of years, I’ve continued in my father’s footsteps by creating my own path in entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation. It brings me great joy to continue this legacy by transforming our family’s passion for food into an exciting new venture.

Our decades of experience across multiple industries give us deep insight into the multidisciplinary nature of running a successful restaurant. We believe our approach will change the way people think of restaurants, and the Saudi hospitality industry as a whole. We look forward to surprising you.

Abdulaziz Al Moajil
CEO, Al Moajil Hospitality